The Walker Family Opposes the Bears Ears National Monument

Walker Family, Texas, Save Bears Ears, Trump This Monument
Walker Family from Texas Opposes the Bears Ears National Monument

Walker Family РLet me first say that we are not Native American nor are we residents of the region. We live in Texas, but my wife has family up there, the Al Clarke family. We go there to see family or for vacations. We first saw Bears Ears this past year and were taken in with the beauty of the area.

When we found out how important this place is, not only to our family but many others, we decided we needed to get involved by speaking out as Americans. To take this area and turn it into a monument is to invite trouble. It will also deny the people of the region their rightful area for farming, hunting, and enjoying time with their families.

Before leaving to come home, we took our 96-year-old mother (Helen Clarke) for a ride to see Bears Ears (from a distance). We showed her what the fuss was all about and she said, “Oh no, that’s not right to do!” We have been touched by the efforts of our family and many others in Blanding, UT to save Bears Ears from the federal government. Keep fighting!

– George Walker

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