The Morris Family opposes the Bears Ears National Monument

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The Morris Family Opposes the Bears Ears National Monument

Morris Family – We are against the proposed Bears Ears Monument designation. Our family is proud American Family with an astounding history with San Juan County, Utah going back many generations. We are a proud family belonging to the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe residing in White Mesa, Utah that can directly trace our lineage to the Posey Band of Native Americans.

The Posey band resisted settling on government reservations in Colorado, choosing to remain free to live on Ancestral homelands within San Juan County, Utah. “The Last Indian Uprising In the United States,” which involved the Posey Band of Natives, resulted in 160 acre Land Allotments in Utah’s Allen Canyon assigned to the surviving members of the Uprising. The Morris Family still maintains these Land Allotments, numbering less than ten, to this very day.

With history that deep within San Juan County, what right does a National monument have in simply wiping it away? Particularly with 200 years of broken promises between Native American Nations and the Federal Government.

– Loretta Morris

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