Erickson Family Opposes the Bears Ears National Monument

Trump This Monument, Bears Ears, Erickson Family
Erickson Family says they do not want a Bears Ears National Monument

I was born and Raised in Blanding and spent my childhood exploring the vast country of San Juan County. Though I am no longer a resident of the county, I still think of myself as a Blanding boy, and a large part of who I am comes from that special place.

I was in my Senior Year in San Juan High School when the Escalate Grand Staircase National Monument was designated by Bill Clinton, and I thought him a coward for the designation despite the opposition, and for celebrating it by a ceremonious speech given in a neighboring state. I have the same feelings for President Obama, and I hope that President Trump will restore this land to the people who rely on it the most!

– Nathan Erickson

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