The Lyman Family Opposes the Bears Ears National Monument

Trump this monument, Lyman Family, Save Bears Ears
Lyman Family Opposes Bears Ears National Monument

Lyman Family – I was raised in Monticello, the son of Karl R. Lyman, son of Albert R. Lyman, son of Platte DeAlton Lyman. When I was five years old my mother and father took me on a ten-day camping trip to Bears Ears. I well remember climbing to the top of one of them and eating lunch there with my parents who that day taught me the principle of sharing my toys and things with others. Over the years we have made many more camping trips to Bears Ears—a place I have loved since my childhood.

Back when my Grandpa Platte led the Mormon Pioneers on the Hole in the Rock expedition and settled Bluff, UT, he faced the major challenges of settling and making San Juan County prosper. There were many difficult times and challenges as my forefathers and their pioneer associates persevered with the Indian tribes and the big cattle companies with their outlaw cowboys.

At one point the US Government tried to turn San Juan County over to the Indians causing much anxiety over many years until that Government encroachment was dropped. Now the US Government has once again thrown up barriers for the inhabitants of San Juan by President Obama selfishly and for his own glory declaring the Bears Ears National Monument which will in effect deprive the settlers and founders of San Juan County and their descendants the use of these lands for their sustenance and well-being.

Since the 1880’s we Hole in the Rock Pioneer families have had to battle and sacrifice for our rights to use these 1.3 million acres. Enough is enough! Let us manage and care for these lands for the best good of San Juan citizens! Do not let the heavy, unwanted and unneeded hand of the US Government deprive us of our rights to use and enjoy these properties as we, better than anyone else, can preserve and protect them for posterity!!!

– Clayson Lyman

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