Brooks Family Opposes the Bears Ears National Monument

Brooks Family, Save Bears Ears, Bears Ears, Trump This Monument
Brooks Family Opposes the Bears Ears National Monument

Brooks Family – We are an Anglo-American family, but we believe, just as the Native Americans of this area do, that the Bears Ears and Abajo mountain ranges are sacred and magical.

We have lived here for nine years and have adopted this as our “forever home.” Our children have grown up here with the mountains as a vital part of their heritage and family culture.

Two years after moving here, we opened our liberal arts college in 2010, right on the edge of the national forest.  We moved here to operate Monticello College precisely because this area is so special. We love our backyard wilderness and do our part to keep it serene and beautiful.

The wilderness of this area is a huge part of our academic program, providing the setting needed for contemplation, the development of self-reliance, and peace and serenity. We rely on the forest for a unique academic environment and for natural resources such as firewood.

If fully implemented, the Bears Ears Monument will prove to be a very negative blow to our family, our school, faculty, and student body.

– Shanon Brooks

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